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Fig. 4 – Testing cube and cylinder speciments. The compressive strength of concrete is affected by many factors, most of them being interdependent, such as the W/C ratio, cement compressive strength, properties of the aggregates (shape, grading, surface texture


 · 4. Soundness test. 5. Compressive Strength test of cement. 1. FINENESS TEST OF CEMENT : • This test of cement is performed to see the fineness of cement consistent with standard specifiions. • The fineness of cement are often measured either by the grain size of cement or by the area of cement. • The sieve Test (IS 4031 partI) – 90 ...

Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic ...

[50mm] test cubes are compacted by tamping in two layers. The cubes are cured one day in the molds and stripped and immersed in lime water until tested. 4. Significance and Use This test method provides a means of determining the compressive strength of hydraulic cement and other mortars and results may be used to determine compliance ...

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Concrete Cube Compression Testing. Concrete cube testing is a simple, costeffective test to prove the compressive strength of hardened concrete. This affordable test helps to determine the specified strength is being achieved, thus, giving you peace of mind that the concrete is fit for purpose and strong enough for the job intended.

Testing of Hardened Concrete

Compression test is the most common testing conducted on hardened concrete, partly because it is an easy test to perform, and partly because most of the desirable characteristic properties of concrete are qualitatively related to its compressive strength. The compression test is carried out on specimens cubical or cylindrical in shape.

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In order to get a relatively quicker idea of the quality of concrete, optional test for 7 days compressive strength of concrete be carried out. 6 Cubes of 150 x 150 x 150 mm size (the nominal size of aggregate does not exceed 38 mm) shall be cast, 3 for 7days testing and 3 for 28days testing.


ASTM C 109/C109M Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength Testing of Hydraulic Cement Mortars (Using 2in. or [50mm] Cube Specimens) ASTM C 109 is the most common test method when specifying or reporting compressive strength of mortar or grout cubes. This test method was originally written and still only applies to testing cement.

Testing HighStrength Concrete Compressive Strength

 · Testing highstrength concrete (HSC) for compressive strength puts into doubt a certain number of concrete testing practices. First, most testing laboratories are equipped with loading capacity machines inadequate for testing 150 x 300mm (6 x 12in.) specimens, thus limiting HSC specimens to 100 x 200 mm (4 x 8 in.) in size.

Compression Testing Machines

For standardcompliant compression strength testing of concrete cubes, concrete cylinders, concrete drill cores, natural stone samples, sandlime bricks, masonry bricks, aerated concrete blocks and aerated concrete blocks, among others. ALPHA 10 is especially suitable for large specimen dimensions, as the test chamber height can be easily adjusted by means of the hydraulically adjustable upper ...

Concrete Cubes

Concrete Cubes Determination of Compressive Strength Lab Test Reference: 305 British Standard Reference BS 1881 : Part 116 : 1983 Principal Apparatus Compression Testing Machine Lab Inventory (BS1881 Part 115) Vernier Callipers Lab Inventory (BS3123) Balance (Lab Inventory ) 1 Preliminaries


APPARATUS concrete mixing slump test compressive strength Wheel barrow Standard slump cone (100 mm top Concrete cubes or Buckets diameter x 200 mm bottom diameter cylinders x 300 mm high) Shovels Compressive testing Sand Small scoop; Bulletnosed rod (600 machine Cement mm long x 16 mm diameter) Aggregates Water Rule; Slump plate (500 mm x 500 mm) Concrete cube Curing bath .


To do the Mix Design for M 20 Concrete as per the Indian Codal Provisions. To cast cubes by using different ingredients as per the Indian Standards. To test the casted cubes for strength after 7, 28 and 56 days of curing respectively by performing compressive strength test.

CIP 35

2003 HOW to Test the Strength of Concrete? • Cylindrical specimens for acceptance testing should be 6 x 12 inch (150 x 300 mm) size or 4 x 8 inch (100 x 200 mm) when specified. The smaller specimens tend to be easier to make and handle in the field and the laboratory.

Quality Control Of Construction Testing Of Concrete Cubes

of the quality of concrete, optional test for 7 days compressive strength of concrete be carried out. 6 Cubes of 150 x 150 x 150 mm size (the nominal size of aggregate does not exceed 38 mm) shall be cast, 3 for 7days testing and 3 for 28days testing. A set of 3 cubes (specimen) average strength .

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The only work done onsite is to prepare a concrete cube for compression test. The strength is measured in N/m 2 and is commonly specified as a characteristic strength of concrete measured at 28 days after mixing. The compressive strength is a measure of the concrete's ability to resist loads which tend to crush it. APPARATUS: 1.

Compression test on concrete

2. PURPOSE OF THE TEST: Well we all know the basic purpose of the test and some other purposes of the tests are as follows: • The compressive strength of cubes gives us the information of the potential strength of the concrete mix from which it is sampled.


Please test the accompanying cubes for compressive strength in accordance with Construction Standard CS1:2010 and it is certified that all cubes have been sampled, made and cured on site in accordance with the corresponding Standard. Date of concrete mixed Age of cubes for testing days Concrete cube details: Nominal size (mm): 100 150

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We provide complete Concrete cube testing training services in the laboratory, concrete cube casting services at the site as well as in the laboratory. The weight and compressive strength test of the concrete cube provides an idea almost about all the characteristics and grade of concrete, whether it is. M15. M20. M .

How to calculate the concrete cube test

Compressive Strength of concrete cube = Maximum load/Area of the cube Example Calculation * Assume that the compression load is 375 KN (1 Kg = N) * CrossSectional Area – 15 x 15 = 225 Sqcm. * Compressive Strength = (375 x 1000/225) = 1666/9....


Strength level of concrete in the area represented by core tests is considered adequate when the average compressive strength of the three cores is equal to at least 85% of the specified compressive strength and no single core strength is less than 75% of the specified compressive strength. References: ACI 31808, Section

Procedure for Casting of Cubes and Testing | Concrete Cube ...

The test should be conducted by compression test machine. Method: Mould and base plate should be cleansed and employed with oil so that the concrete can't fix to the side of the cube. Base plate is affixed to the mould with bolt and nut. The cube should be filled with concrete in three layers. Each layer should be consolidated for 25 times.

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Download PDF Bs 1881 116 1983 Testing Concrete. Method For Determination Of Compressive Strength Of Concrete Cubes [3no73dz6qyld]. ...

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